Completed January 5th 2023

Project Paddle Hub

Our agency developed a comprehensive community management website for a client focused on the ping pong enthusiast community.

Evermind Digital


Our agency developed a comprehensive community management website for a client focused on the ping pong enthusiast community. This platform enables users to effortlessly book sessions with friends, join local ping pong events, and interact with other community members. The website is designed to foster a vibrant community of ping pong players, enhancing engagement and simplifying the process of organizing and participating in ping pong activities.


  1. A dynamic website tailored for ping pong community management.
  2. Real-time booking system for scheduling play sessions with friends or community members.
  3. User profiles that allow members to share their playing levels, interests, and availability.
  4. Community features such as forums, event calendars, and leaderboards to enhance interaction among users.
  5. Integration with social media platforms to allow easy sharing of schedules and results.
  6. Mobile-responsive design to ensure access from various devices.
  7. Notification system for reminders about upcoming sessions and community events.
  8. Robust admin panel for managing bookings, user interactions, and content updates.
  9. Detailed analytics tools to track user engagement and popular times for sessions.
  10. Security measures to protect user data and ensure privacy.


The project was executed in three phases over a period of 6 months:

  1. Phase 1 (2 months): Planning and design of the website architecture and user interface.
  2. Phase 2 (3 months): Development of core functionalities including the booking system, user profiles, and community interaction tools.
  3. Phase 3 (1 month): Final testing, user feedback incorporation, and official launch.


  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, and React.js for a dynamic and responsive user interface.
  • Backend: Node.js with Express for server-side logic.
  • Database: MongoDB for storing user data and session details.
  • Hosting and Deployment: AWS for reliable and scalable cloud hosting.
  • Security: HTTPS for secure connections, JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for user authentication.

Success Metrics:

  1. Over 500 active users registered within the first month of launch.
  2. High user engagement with an average of 30 bookings made daily.
  3. Positive feedback from users appreciating the ease of organizing and participating in sessions.
  4. Increased repeat usage with 75% of users booking more than once a month.

By delivering this ping pong community management website, our agency provided the client with a robust platform that not only simplifies the management of play sessions and community engagement but also promotes an active lifestyle and social interactions among ping pong enthusiasts. This project highlights our ability to create targeted solutions that cater specifically to the needs of niche communities, enhancing their cohesion and activity participation.